What We Do

Our main areas of expertise can be divided into 6 major categories.

We strongly recommend having at least a well tought-out strategy, good branding and social media presence to start promoting your company and your products or services.

Brand Strategy & Planning.

High quality branding is one of the most critical parts of your business.

Start small, but think big.

Together we will create a name, symbol or design, and project a positive experience amongst your customers: establishing goals, setting up the main audience, set the cost and methods of promoting your company, establishing the promotions and discounts, making sure we are sending the right message and using the right channels of promoting your company.

Design & Webdesign

We use creative and strategic thinking to create custom and innovative websites for businesses of all sizes that will not only attract traffic but convert your visitors into buyers.

We manage the whole process from logo creation, business cards, website layouts, brochures and flyers. Including website banners, product catalog layout and SEO optimised content that appeals to people, not just search engines.  We produce original and commercial oriented content and design, and we always try to reflect the companies main business.

A high-quality and clean design and webdesign will help your business grow exponentially and boost your marketing campaigns.

Your website works as your most important salesperson so contact our team today to grow and succeed in a world of increasing competition and demand!

Social Media

Social Media Management is a must have for your brand. Our team of experienced specialists will develop a strategic plan on multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Once we have a clear understanding of your demographics we will use all that info to create unmissable Facebook Ads that reflect your companies profile.

Our strategies cover all your bases with the most suitable content types, target audience, posting frequency and content promotion topics for your brand. Also creating procedures, policy and governance, data integration, and we’ll expand on the capabilities of social software.

From there, we test and work towards creating continued improvements in all areas of the campaign.

S.E.O – search engine optimization

SEO is the most effective way to optimise the visibility of your website on search engines, to increase your brand’s credibility and online authority.

We start by conducting keyword research to find the right phrases to focus on and optimise your website, blog or e-Commerce shop. Our goal is to increase visibility, traffic, the quality of leads to your website and get you on the first results page on Google and other search engines. If Social Media is quick interaction and gets you quick results, SEO (search engine optimization) has a slow evolution but constant, and over time will give you more traffic and will be more efficient (cost vs revenue) than any other digital marketing solution.

We will develop original, creative content using the most targeted keywords for your brand and start setting up your website/webshop to be SEO friendly and we set the content based on your competition and SEO audit results. We will also estimate the time and duration based on the competitor and keywords, in which your website will reach the first page.

After the initial set-up we will regularly monitor the results and optimise keywords and other SEO features to help you expand your website’s reach.

S.E.M – Search Engine Marketing and Google Ads

Google Ads is a must in the e-commerce industry. It’s a shortcut to the top of Page 1 in Google Search and depending on the daily buget and competition, you can see results in the first month.

We always recommend starting Google Ads campaigns after your website is properly set up and SEO friendly but also user friendly. A good ads campaign will bring your customers right away, but it’s quite costly, thats why it’s important that your website/webshop to be working properly.

We build your campaigns using extensive keyword research and ad design and establish the right budget to get the most out of your investment. With remarketing we will target the people that visited your website but didn’t convert.

We always offer transparency and we use tracking tools like Google Analytics to see how your campaigns are performing and adjust the ads to maximise your conversion rates.

Our main purpose is to make you rich, not Google Inc :).

Email Marketing

Not just news! Email marketing is a good and reliable solution to keep your customers updated with offers and promotions and add more sales to your shop.

Now, after the email marketing technology has evolved, and also after the GPDR EU is in force, if the emails are properly and organically collected, you can be confident that you’re targeting the right audience and produce sales with each email campaign.

We specialise in using MailChimp, which is the perfect solution for small businesses or startups, but any email marketing platform will do.

We are not SPAMMING or doing SPAM, we dont like it and we don’t recommend it.

We create and design the layout of your email campaign, adding the right content and links to give it a modern look and enhance conversions. We will build relationships with your customers and remind them about your promotions and retarget your website’s visitors.

Once the campaign is initiated, we will provide you with frequent customised reports to measure success.